In the world of Ogidi, there are many nations.

Abeokuta Studio

Abeokuta is our animation studio fitted with sophisticated computers for motion graphics and animation.

Abidjan Studio

Abidjan is a full service recording and production studio that specializes in audiobook and podcast production.

We have a dedicated team of experienced and professional sound engineers and producers collaborating onsite during your production ensuring world class refined production quality. We use RODE Microphones, Focusrite Preamps, Yamaha/Rokit Speakers, Allen & Heath Digital Mixer, and we possess a large library of samples and sound effects for music/film/video/podcast production. The room has proper acoustic dryness to ensure quality and accuracy of recorded material.

Abuja Studio

Abuja is a dynamic Creative Hub equipped with 12 sophisticated editing Computers and a big central screen. This space is perfect for training, workshops and more. It allows for multiple projects to happen simultaneously.

Bamako Studio

The Bamako Rehearsal Studio, located inside ‘West Africa’, is a high end live music rehearsal space for bands and musicians. With High-quality equipment and an acoustically-treated studio space, The Bamako rehearsal studio is your musical haven!

It features a full sound system (PA loudspeakers, subwoofers, headphone monitors, microphones/stands, 24-input digital mixer), full backline (MIDI Workstation and keyboards, guitar amplifiers with full drum kit), and high speed WiFi access. Band rehearsal live recordings, with professional mixing and mastering is also available at this space.

Cape Town Studio

Cape Town is our black/adaptive studio for video/content production, music video shoots and photoshoots. From a talk show to a set for a movie or a music video to creating content for your Youtube channel, producing a skit to everything in between, we can make it happen right here in Cape Town. We have a dynamic team of experienced set/production designers, videographers, content creators and filmmakers (powered by TMPL Motion Pictures, our film & video production arm).

East Africa

East Africa is a stunning fully fitted apartment space that serves as a set for your production needs. It is a three bedroom apartment with each room, en suite.

Eko Studio

Eko Studio is a fantastic space for songwriting, vocal and live instrument recordings, mixing and mastering. It features a control room (stereo) for professional audio production. The level of detail that has gone into the treatment of the room and Acoustics is world class. In the Control Room is the revered Neve Genesys Black analogue and digital console with world class capabilities.

It is equipped with a studio rack with the Avalon Vacuum Tube 737 Sp Mono Tube Preamp/compressor/EQ as well as Tube-Tech CL1B Opto Compressor. For monitoring, the Focals Shape 50 serve as nearfield monitors and a pair of Augspurger TREO 812 CFM Close 3-way Full Range Active DSP monitors which offer legendary precision with extended low frequency extension for powerful, full range monitoring. The professionally treated dedicated live recording room features Yamaha Drum set, Fender acoustic, electric and bass guitars with top quality combo amplifiers as well as the Roland FA-08 88-key music workstation.

The dedicated vocal booth is equipped with Sontronics microphones to deliver rich and pristine audio recordings.

Isale Eko Studio

Isale-Eko is the perfect space for digital audio productions. The room has been professionally treated to ensure right acoustics.

In it we have the world class Steven Slate Audio Core Station with 2 Raven MTi2 Multi-touch audio control surfaces for easy workflow, Universal Audio’s Apollo Twin X desktop Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for elite audio processing, Sontronics STC-3X for outstanding vocal results and a pair of Focal Twin 6 Be 6.5” monitors connected to Tannoy subwoofers.

Kumasi Studio

Kumasi is a full service digital audio studio that specializes in audiobook and podcast production. We place a premium on audio quality, and we deliver!

Lagos Studio

Lagos is our green screen cyclorama/VFX studio ready to bring any set design to life. It is a 26 by 16 feet infinity wall chroma studio where you can shoot what is on the screen, and superimpose what you want in post-production. Whatever you imagine, we can create right here at this centre of excellence! It’s a world full of possibilities.

North Africa

North Africa is our beautiful and luxurious fully furnished apartment space that serves as a set for movies, tv shows, interviews, skits, photoshoots etc It is a three bedroom apartment with each room, en suite.

West Africa Studio

West Africa is our dance rehearsal studio. With our dance studio, you don’t have to go far to rehearse for an upcoming performance or music video. When we say Ogidi is all encompassing, we really mean it.

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