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Ogidi Studios blazes the trail for the future of music, film and entertainment in Africa. Located in Lagos, the entertainment capital of the continent, we built this facility with the mission to address the pain points in the creative and entertainment industry, and cater to the needs of diverse talents.

It is an idea whose time has come.

Our music, and essentially our talent as a continent is exceptional, and with this one-stop facility, we provide top of the line infrastructure to empower talents and brands to CREATE.

Where you see dreams, we see reality.
Ogidi Studios is the movement 💫

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Dreams come Alive at Ogidi Studios. We only do Excellence here.

With the Ogidi Studios, Nigeria now operates on the same level of sound and video technology with the major global players. Now the stars, not just Nigerian stars, but from all over the world have a place in Lagos that is as good as any studio they have ever recorded in.

World-class script writing, music recording, video making, and editing can take place under one roof, at the Ogidi Studios.

The entire value chain in music and entertainment can now be local. So we are at the cusp of a revolution in entertainment production, creative talent and services, and a major economic opening for business in Nigeria.

Yemi Osinbajo

Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

The truth is there are many visions that don't get realized. A combination of vision, tenacity and funding is what brought us here. Temple is a 5-year old child that has the impact of a 20-year old child.

Ogidi Studios is an idea that was long overdue. We are excited to contribute our quota to help bring Nigeria to the table to flex muscles and compete favourably with global players such as celebrated international musicians, producers and creatives who have left a mark.

Tunde Folawiyo

Group Chairman, The Temple Company

Ogidi Studios hands down can take the african music industry to the promise land. This is how to up the tempo!! More than 6 studios; video, audio, dance, world class infrastructure, creative hubs, lodging in one ......

Sound Sultan 🙏🕊️

Multitalented Veteran Singer/Rapper/Songwriter

This is one of the kinds of infrastructure that I have been praying that we should have in the industry. If I had the finance, I would have put up something like this. I have been here plenty times and I probably would be making use of the facility myself. I know that this will make work easy in the industry especially for talents in photography and movie space.

Don Jazzy

Founder/CEO, Mavin Records

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